Science Teaching in Elementary Grades

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Welcome to Simple Science  Strategies! science teaching

Teaching Science Today

Do any of these situations sound like yours?

  • You want to teach science, but it’s only on the schedule twice a week, for 1/2 hour, and it shares space with social studies AND health?
  • Is most of your day spent preparing for high-stakes literacy and math testing?
  • Does remedial reading instruction consume your day?
  • Are you unfamiliar with the science content that your students need to understand?
  • Are you a veteran teacher who wants to learn more about the “science” behind your science teaching?

Simple Science Strategies is a blog devoted to enhancing science teaching in grades PK to grade 6. Visit here often to learn simple tools, tips and tricks to get your students to think like scientists, while addressing literacy and numeracy skills needed for today’s students.

Tools and Information to Enhance Science Teaching

For your convenience, this blog has a navigation bar at the top, to help you search the site by science discipline (such as Living Systems) or by “big” science concepts (such as “Patterns”), making it easier to find information to enhance your science teaching.

In addition to this blog, you will find links to helpful information about science instruction on our “sister” sites:

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Kim at Simple Science Strategies

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