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New e-Book: Nests, Nests, Nests!

Earlier this month, we studied nests, comparing a squirrel’s nest to an oriole’s nest in “Comparing Nests: The ‘Same and Different’ Center.”   For those of you who want to study nests in more depth, I am pleased to share … Continue reading

Comparing Nests: The “Same and Different” Center

Similarities and Differences Over the past several years, researchers have studied thousands of teaching and learning strategies, to determine which ones yielded the best increases in student performance (Classroom Instruction That Works: Research-Based Strategies for Increasing Student Achievement presents one … Continue reading

Time for a Mid-Winter Give-away!

It’s time for our …   Mid-Winter Give-Away! This month, we are offering TWO great give-aways, and TWO copies of each! Prize #1: Two (2) copies of The Simple Science Strategies e-Book, Fall 2012 edition Simple Science Strategies, Fall Edition … Continue reading

The Simple Science Store

 The 2012-13 e-Book Series September This 23-page e-Book focuses on the structure of the apple flower and fruit, using botanical terms and drawings to teach how the flower becomes a fruit. A variety of diagrams and framed and lined pages make … Continue reading

Focus on… Observation

What is Observation? ob·serve :  to see, watch, perceive, or notice to regard with attention, especially so as to see or learn something to watch, view, or note for a scientific purpose to state, comment, or remark to note or … Continue reading

Writing in Science: Observation & Elaboration

  The Writing Connection: The Role of Scientific Observation in Writing Instruction Elaborative Detail Scientific observation and elaboration in narrative writing go hand in hand. In order to generate a strong image in the reader’s mind, an author must use … Continue reading

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