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The second draft of the Next Generation Science Standards are available for public review. If you are interested in examining them, and giving feedback either as an individual or as a representative of your organization, you may read the standards … Continue reading


As promised, the printable copy of the Winter Newsletter is (finally!) here, after holidays, family illnesses and snowstorms. This issue focuses on the mathematics of the natural world – patterns, designs, trends, and the measurement of all things natural. There … Continue reading

Time for a Mid-Winter Give-away!

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It’s time for our …


Mid-Winter Give-Away!

This month, we are offering TWO great give-aways, and TWO copies of each!

Prize #1: Two (2) copies of The Simple Science Strategies e-Book, Fall 2012 edition

Simple Science Strategies, Fall Edition (2012). 120 pages.
Simple Science Strategies, Fall Edition (2012). 120 pages.














This full-color e-Book contains the most popular posts fromSimple Science Strategies, plus other reader favorites from A Child’s Garden and Squidoo.  This 120+ page e-Book contains ten posts, including full lesson plans, materials lists, and electronically linked resources for download. All printables are included as pages in the e-Book, and as links, for maximum flexibility for the user.

Additional material is provided which is EXCLUSIVE to those who purchase or win the e-BOOK, and which was never published! This e-Book is a great resource for those who want quick and simple science projects for homeschool or classroom, as well as teachers who want to learn more of the science background behind the activities.

Two entrants will win a copy of this e-Book.

Prize #2: Two (2) copies of Nests, Nests, NeSTS!

Nests, Nests, Nests! A 25-page e-Book for homeschool or classroom.

Nests, Nests, Nests! A 25-page e-Book for homeschool or classroom.


As described in the promotional post, this e-Book accompanied our winter studies of the nests of different animal classes. This 25-page e-Book contains blackline notebooking and science journaling pages for use with bird studies, ecology work or other nature studies. A great addition if you are using the Burgess Animal Book for Children or the Burgess Bird Book for Children in your classroom or homeschool.

Two entrants will win a copy of this e-Book.

How to Enter

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Check Out These November Carnival Entries!

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Welcome to the December 2, 2012 Edition of

The Simple Science Strategies Blog Carnival!



Liz E presents “Worm Farming Adventures,” posted at Homeschooling in Buffalo, a beautiful photo gallery of her family’s worm bin project. This is a great “Potpourri” addition to the carnival! If you’ve never had a worm bin in your homeschool or classroom, try one this winter — it’s a great way to bring nature inside when it’s too cold to play outside.

Autumn Nature Finds…

From our house, we present “Ten (10) Fall Nature Studies: What the Leaves Have Kept Hidden”, posted at A Child’s Garden. We also submitted this to the “Top 10 Tuesday” Blog Carnival – a list of all the interesting things we have found on our travels this month.

Fall Nature Study - Evidence

Fallen leaves reveal a world of autumn treasures to study. (c) Kim M. Bennett.

   Thanks for your submissions! Remember, each submission earns the entrant a free e-Book of science journaling pages.

The Winter Simple Science Strategies Blog Carnival Begins!

December is a short month for many of us, because of parent conferences, winter holidays, and family vacations. For this reason, the next Blog Carnival will be a December/January edition, or a Winter Edition. Here are the details for the upcoming edition:

Topics for the edition

  • Patterns in Nature
  • Snow
  • Vines
  • The Winter Sky


Scientific and Engineering Practices

  • Using Mathematics and Computational Thinking



Cross-Cutting Concept

  • Patterns



Disciplinary Core Ideas

  • Engineering, Technology and Applications of Science: Engineering Design




  • The Experience (Documentation) Panel
  • Illustrating Analogies: The Bridge Map



Submit your blog article to the next edition of Simple Science Strategies using the logo link below (by January 31, for February 2 posting), or our sidebar carnival submission form. Be on the lookout for the print copy of the December/January Simple Science Strategies Newsletter, and the next e-Book edition, on evergreens. Past posts and future hosts can be found on our blog carnival index page.

**** UPDATE!****

Here is the link for the post with the downloadable newsletter:

The Winter 2012/2013 Simple Science Strategy Newsletter

Blog Carnival submission form - simple science strategies


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  Just because the leaves have fallen, and the greens of summer and golds, reds and bronzes of October have given way to the drab browns and grays of impending winter, doesn’t mean there are not delightful things to see … Continue reading

The November Simple Science Strategies Newsletter is Here!

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Well, this is not the United States Postal Service…

Weather events, loss of power, school cancellations and other unforeseen events DO affect the schedule here at Simple Science. And we apologize for it!

Winter Storm Ali 2012

We’re done making our snowman… here’s the next newsletter!

Without further ado (or TOO much delay) here is the November edition of the Simple Science Strategies Newsletter.

In it, we will use November nature events as a springboard for conversations about some big science ideas:

Topic — preparing for winter

  • camouflage
  • hibernation
  • evergreen and deciduous trees
  • fall and winter nature finds

Science processes, concepts and disciplines

  • Building an Argument Using Evidence
  • Stability and Change
  • Life Sciences: From Molecules to Organisms: Structures and Processes

Strategies and tools

  • Comparing and Contrasting
  • Using Argument (Discussion Frames) to compare sides of an argument
  • Creating Double Bubble Maps to compare two things
Simple Science Strategies November Newsletter

Click image or link to download the November edition of the Simple Science Strategies Newsletter (2012)

Don’t Forget!


Please post your work on our Blog Carnival. See the link for important details about the November blog carnival.

Give us feedback…

Take a few moments to complete a very brief survey about your experiences on this blog.

win! (who doesn’t like free?)

Enter on our sister site, A Child’s Garden, for a chance to win an All-Season Indoor Composter, by UncommonGoods. Entries will be accepted through the end of November. No purchase necessary. Click here to enter.


The All-Seasons Indoor Composter, $48 at UncommonGoods.
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Without further ado, here is the … November 2012 Edition… of the Simple Science Strategies Blog Carnival. Preparing for Winter This months focus will be on how living things prepare for winter. Four different topics will be covered, as is … Continue reading

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