Introducing: The 2012 Simple Science Strategies e-Book series

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We have been busy working on nature study projects involving wildflowers, seeds and other fall wonders. The August/September garden is just bursting with color! In a couple of short weeks, the red maples will begin to announce the shifting of the sun’s rays and the chillier night-time temperatures.

This month, schools start back up in the Northeast. New backpacks hang, ready for the first day of school. Teachers are quickly “re-pinning” all my posts on classroom data. It’s that time of year!


I am thrilled to announce the start of a new e-Book series, from Simple Science Strategies. Each of the 10 editions for 2012 will be based on the topics in the monthly Simple Science Strategies Newsletter, and will be a compilation of posts from the Simple Science Strategies blog, as well as other, related blog posts and original content not previously published. Like the newsletter, each monthly e-book will focus on one key skill, concept or content area from the Next Generation Science Education Standards, and will include related English Language Arts and Mathematics Standards from the Common Core State Standards. In each of the issues, you will find content on each of the following topics:

  1. Four structured, short, outdoor teaching and learning strategies that lead to powerful scientific thinking;
  2. Science centers to support and extend the outdoor nature studies;
  3. Cross-curricular connections and curriculum writing information;
  4. Reproducible resources and other helpful links;
  5. Timely nature study topics for planning your outdoor experiences.
  6. A materials list for teachers who want to build up their science resources

The September 2012 Edition of The Simple Science Strategies Series will focus on starting off your school year with science on your mind:

  • A focus on the science process skill of observation, with a particular emphasis on obtaining, evaluating and communicating information;
  • Practice with the cognitive process of describing using adjectives, through creation of a bubble map;
  • Cross-curricular connections to elaborative detail in writing and illustrations;
  • Four outdoor learning tasks that reinforce observational skills: The Sock Walk, Sketch Journals, One Small Square, and Project Feeder Watch;
  • One classroom learning center to extend outdoor learning: The Nature Corner
  • Four outdoor studies that fit the month of September: Wildflowers and Their Seeds; Mushrooms and Lichens; Ant Colonies; and Bird Feeding.

Stay tuned for more information on the availability of the September e-Book (anticipated publication date, November 2012).


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