Moving on to… November (and a New Blog Carnival)

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Without further ado, here is the …

November 2012 Edition…

of the Simple Science Strategies Blog Carnival.

Preparing for Winter

This months focus will be on how living things prepare for winter. Four different topics will be covered, as is customary. In the process, we will cover several important science skills and concepts, and will introduce a new strategy and organizing tool.

The topics

  • winter camouflage
  • evergreen and deciduous trees
  • hibernation
  • autumn and winter nature finds

The science skills and concepts

  • Engaging in Argument from Evidence
  • Structure and Function
  • The Strategy: Framing an Argument
  • The Organizer: Using a Double Bubble Diagram to show similarities and differences

Monthly specials!

  • Look for the next newsletter, with four new newsletter specials, including a new set of botanical pages (23 pages), free for each carnival submission
  • Monthly specials from our sponsors – always good stuff
  • A GREAT give-away (I mean, GREAT…)
  • And more… look for the newsletter post on the weekend (now that Superstorm Sandy has left our vicinity)

Due Date for Submissions

All submissions must be made by November 30, and the Carnival will be posted on December 2, 2012. Looking forward to those posts!


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