One Small Square: Practice Looking Closely at the World

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One Small Square


“There is more to life than increasing its speed. — Mahatma Gandhi”

Practice looking closely at the world

Label your patch so you can find it the next time.Early in the spring, go outside with your child and find a 3′ x 3′ patch of ground. It could be in the woods, in your vegetable garden, in the lawn, or even around a crack in the sidewalk (you’d be surprised the special world that crops up around some of the smallest places). A good way to choose a random patch to observe is to toss a hula hoop out into the yard, then use plant tags or a colorful stick with a flag to mark your “little patch” for another day.

Now it’s time to observe like a scientist!

Take your nature journal, your colored pencils or paints, maybe a magnifying glass if you have one. Bring along a “bug house” or plastic butter tub along, just in case you find anything interesting you and your child would like to observe more closely. Spend about 15 minutes recording the world that you discover in your little patch of land.

As you sketch, write or paint, ask yourself some scientific questions:

–What living things do I see?
–Is anything moving? What is it doing? Why?
— Are any creatures interacting with one another? Why?
–What do you see that is surprising?

Go back and check out your patch at least once a month.

–How has your patch changed? What new things do you see?
–What do you think caused the changes in your patch?
–When you come back next month, what do you predict the patch will look like? Why?

Here are some journal pages you can download and use to draw and write about your little patch of land.

If you are working on taking data with your child, use this data collection tool.

Lists are a great way to keep track of observations. Download this recording form to begin yours.

New to notebooking? Check out the many Free Notebooking Pages at and get started today! Samples of nature study notebooking pages and much, much more!

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