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The Gentle Art of Observation – eBook Promotion

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I spend a lot of time working with teachers all over the country, talking about high-impact adult practices to help kids think, think and think some more. Many times, folks have asked me, “Why don’t you put these ideas into a book?” What an idea!



This 142-page e-Book introduces the reader to the science process skill of observation, then describes two indoor and five outdoor learning tasks that can be used to help students hone these skills. Included in this volume are explicit instructions for several strategies that build students’ observational skills, links to writing, 20 reproducibles ready for classroom use, and detailed materials lists and electronic resource links.  Great for starting off the school year, at any age!

Get a glimpse inside…

Table of Contents:


  • Focus on… Observation

The Nature Corner: Observing Nature Indoors

  • Featured Center: The Nature Corner — An Invitation to Observe
  • Class Pets and Observation

Outdoor Observations and Nature Study

  • Featured Strategy: One Small Square
  • Study 1: Ants,Termites and Ant Lions
  • Study 2: Mushrooms and Other “Fun Guys”
  • Study 3: Animal Migration
  • Study 4: Adopt-a-Plant — A Season-Long Observation Project
  • Study 5: What’s Under There?
  • Using a Hike to Generate Even More Nature Study Topics

Observing Across Content Areas

  • Writing in Science: Observation & Elaboration


  • Featured Thinking Tool: The Bubble Map (2 pages)
  • One Small Square: Printable Resources (7 pages)
  • Adopt-a-Plant: Printable Resources (3 pages)
  • “No Place Like Home” – Additional Notebooking Options for Nature Study (4 pages)
  • “An Apple a Day” — September Botany Notebooking (2012) (7 pages)

Materials List

  • Observation: Stocking Your Classroom

Helpful Resources on Observation

  • For More Information on Observation…

Buy this eBook now for the special September Newsletter price of $8.95, and receive a reply to your email address with the link to your purchase, within 24 hrs. [NOTE: After 10/1/2012, the price will return to the regular price of $10.95, available through CurrClick].


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