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Snowy Days Poetry Round-up

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Snowy Days in … March?

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Here in New England, our calendar says it’s spring. Despite what the date is, we can experience snowy days in New England from October through March. We might have just celebrated St. Patrick’s Day, but we are having a winter that just won’t quit.

Whether you have a one day winter, or live in a place where winter lasts for months, you can tie snowy days into your literacy block through poetry.

In this Poetry Round-up, you can find snow-themed poems for your winter weather studies, or for a day like today, when winter weather sneaks into spring. So, get out your snowshoes and come along for this snowy ride…


Snowy Days Poetry for Poets of all Ages

Poetry is an amazing way to teach students about visualization. Because a poet has to create a strong feeling or image in a small space, the words used must be powerful, and well-chosen.

The poems I have chosen reflect the snowy days theme, grouped by grade level band. When choosing poetry for your homeschool or classroom, there are some rules that can help you select the proper reading level:

  1. Poetry is often more difficult for students to understand than stories. Look for the student’s reading level, and then choose the level below as a starting point.
  2. Practice a new skill or strategy with a poem that is easier to read. Don’t be afraid to use a poem that is “lower” than your child’s grade-level or usual reading-level. The child spends more energy understanding the poem then, rather than figuring out how to read the words.
  3. Students should hear the language of poems just a little beyond their reach. Choose a poem to read aloud that is from the band above where the child normally reads.


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Your Snowy Day Poetry Library

I like to have a range of levels of poetry in my classroom. Consider creating a snowy days theme basket, and adding poetry of a variety of levels for independent reading, read-aloud and small group literature circles.

  • PK/K ~ Incorporate songs and finger plays  about snowy days and winter weather into your daily routine
  • Grades 1/2 ~“Stopping by the Woods on a Snowy Evening,” Robert Frost; Snow, Snow: Winter Poems for Children, Jane Yolen
  • Grades 3/5 ~“Snow,” Karla Kuskin; It’s Snowing! It’s Snowing! Winter Poems, Jack Prelutsky; “Jack Frost,” Gabriel Setoun; “The Ant and the Cricket,” Anonymous; “Winter-Time,” Robert Louis Stevenson
  • Grades 6/8 ~ “A Riddle ~ On Snow,” James Parton; “Picture Books in Winter,” Robert Louis Stevenson; “Talking in Their Sleep,” Edith M. Thomas; “Winter Sport,” Anonymous
  • Grades 9/12 ~ “Joe’s Snow Clothes,” Karla Kuskin

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Link Winter Studies to Literature

Add variety to your science lessons by beginning your science class with a poem or a passage about snowy days. When you link science and poetry you add interest to your lessons. You also show a link between science and literacy, and keep your students intrigued.

If you’re packing up your winter literature for the spring, tuck a few of your favorite winter-themed poetry books into a tub and start a snowy days theme basket ~ See my Swiss Family Robinson theme basket directions for details.

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