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New England Stone Walls: A Photo Scavenger Hunt

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What is Comprehension?

Recently, I was in a first grade classroom, where the teacher was introducing a non-fiction text about the desert. He began by asking the students to share what they already knew about the desert. The students’ responses were sparse, and not very encouraging to the teacher.

So we took back the readers, passed out big pieces of drawing paper and art supplies, and asked the kids to draw everything they knew about the desert, THEN tell us, instead. The results (in pictures and words) were phenomenal: camels, oases, chameleons, dust devils, heat waves from the sun, and many other details that the students could not articulate before drawing. We were astounded at what these 6-year-olds knew about deserts.

What does this tell us?

This tells us that, in order to understand something, we have to first envision it in our minds, and (sometimes) in front of us. It also tells us that many students can envision something well before they can talk about it.

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