The October Simple Science Strategies Blog Carnival: Stability and Change

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This month, Simple Science Strategies will focus on the concept of Stability and Change.  We will use four topics to explore this concept:

  • Bird Migration
  • Fall Color
  • Flowers, Fruit and Seeds
  • Changing Seasons

Keep your eyes peeled for new articles on these topics, and the study of change, in the October posts.

As you read and try out your own ideas, share what you’ve learned and tried with others, by contributing to the October Simple Science Strategies Blog Carnival. Simply click on the “submit an article” link in the widget, at right, and enter in the information about your blog post or web article.

Better yet, install the widget as a sidebar on your blog, so you will never forget to submit your ideas. And don’t limit yourself to the topics of the monthly newsletter — as long as you are sharing classroom or homeschool ideas that others can use, there is a “potpourri” section, made just for this purpose!

Don’t worry about missing a deadline — While I must have a deadline for publishing purposes, if you do a September task in December, post it! We don’t want to miss any of that good teaching you all do. (If you are still finishing up ideas from your studies of ants, wildflowers and seeds, feeder birds and mushrooms, we’ll be glad to see them!)

This month’s carnival ends on October 26, and will be posted to this blog on Sunday, October 28, 2012. Stay tuned for the November carnival, which will begin on November 1, 2012!

Download the October edition of the Simple Science Strategies Newsletter for more information on our monthly topics.

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